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About us

Founded in 2013, KebabMeUp was created with one goal in mind:

"To help kebab lovers find their nearest kebab, any time, anywhere".

That’s our goal.

If this website isn’t helping you find your nearest kebab, anytime, anywhere, then we are not doing our job, and we want you to let us know about it.

If it still isn’t clear what our goal is, let us phrase it this way: If KebabMeUp was somehow getting in the way of kebab lovers finding their nearest kebab, then we would shut this website down and beg for your forgiveness.

Is it clear yet?

We want to bring kebabs and your stomach together.

If the One Ring was a kebab and Mount Doom was you, then we are Frodo.

If The Wizard of Oz was a kebab and Dorothy was you, then we are the yellow brick road.

If 1985 was a kebab and you are Marty McFly stuck in 2015, then we are the DeLorian.

To see an example of what KebabMeUp can do, here's our results for kebabs in Carlton, VIC.